Wednesday, May 6, 2015

One more Con!

This last one only two member of WIP are attending.

Have you heard about Rainbow Con? This year it is in Tampa and we live just outside so Sheri and Jennifer are volunteering!

Take a walk on the wild side!

The Second Annual Rainbow Conference (RainbowCon) is coming up this July at the Holiday Inn Westshore by Tampa International Airport in Florida. It's an exciting event centered around QUILTBAG (Queer/Questioning, Undecided, Intersex, Lesbian, Trans*, Bisexual, Asexual, and Gay/Genderqueer) multimedia. This includes fiction, fanfiction, non-fiction, television, movies, stage, music, comics, fan art, and anything else involving QUILTBAG media. For 2015 and 2016, we're being hosted by the lovely Holiday Inn Westshore in Tampa, Florida!

General registration includes access to all panels, discussions, workshops, and events from Thursday through Sunday. It includes access to the Hospitality Suite where refreshments will be made available and one welcome bag.

Pre-registration is $75, non-refundable.

Registrations can be purchased at the door. Prices are:
Thursday - $30
Friday - $35
Saturday - $35

Weekend - $50

*No Sunday passes are available.

You cna register here!

Arshad Ahsanuddin
Vicktor Alexander
Lexi Ander
Shira Anthony
S.L. Armstrong
David Berger
Leta Blake
Kade Boehme
Liz Borino
Brina Brady
Sue Brown
Cassandra Carr
Allison Cassatta/Zoe Lyn
Skylar M. Cates
J.T. Cheyanne
J. Scott Coatsworth
Rory Ni Coileain
Jackson Cordd
Brenda Cothern
Carole Cummings
Ashlyn Daube
Nicole Dennis
Grace R. Duncan
Eli Easton
Jordan L. Hawk
J Tullos Hennig
Reesa Herberth
Hans M Hirschi
Wade Kelly
Mia Kerick
K-lee Klein
Morticia Knight
Jessie G.
Darrah Glass
Cat Grant
Storm Grant
CR Guiliano
Gryvon/Jenna Hale
Sloan Johnson
Alexa Land
Taylor Law
J.R. Loveless
EM Lynley
Sui Lynn
Sarah Madison
Racheline Maltese
Stephen del Mar
Angel Martinez
Erin McRae
Lloyd A. Meeker
Johnny Miles
Erik Moore
Elizabeth Noble
H.B. Pattskyn
K. Piet
Princess S.O.
Susan E. Scott
TM Smith
Rin Sparrow
Victoria Sue
Lori Toland
Kathleen Tudor
Zev de Valera
A.E. Via
Anastasia Vitsky
Max Vos
JC Wallace
Mathilde Watson
Shannon West
Sara York

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