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Tabatha is hosting a HAVING HOPE party in her fan group!
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one’s promised tomorrow. And Chet Rhodes, the drummer of Blow Hole, is all
about living for today. Sex, drugs, and rock ‘n’ roll ... anything to help him
forget his deadly secret and keep him detached. But when he meets Hope, a
bitchy brunette with sarcastic wit and a deadly right hook, his carefully
constructed defenses break down. For the first time ever, he wants more than a
one-night stand.
Iverson holds a secret that could potentially destroy everything she's built.
Hardened with a short fuse, her past has left her emotionally unavailable. That
is until the charismatic drummer for Blow
Hole bursts into her life. His smart mouth has the ability to make her smile,
and his inked body makes her feel things she’d rather not. But scars leave you
changed, and Hope isn’t sure there’s enough of herself left to give.

“Are you ready to get your
ass kicked?” she asked over her shoulder with a grin.
She pulled her shirt over
her head, revealing a black tank, and I had to swallow past the desire that
rushed through me. She looked so fucking hot in only her boots, jeans, and a
tiny tank. She obviously wasn’t wearing a bra, but with tits like hers, she didn’t have to.
My mind went back to the
moment she was on stage in only her black sports bra. She was soaked. She was
sexy. And for the first time in a couple of days, my cock grew hard.
“Let’s see what you got.”
I stood to the side as
she sat behind my set. I didn’t usually let anyone play my drums, but I trusted
Hope with my babies. I’d watched her play. I knew she knew what she was doing,
and I also knew she respected her own set and would do the same with mine.
She spun the sticks
between her fingers, her glassy eyes all over me as she lifted a brow in challenge.
And then she brought the
sticks down and beat out a fresh rhythm I’d never heard before. It was fast
paced and strong, the percussion shaking the stage as she went crazy hitting
any and every spot on my set yet still somehow making it sound amazing.
Her head fell back, and she closed her eyes as she continued
to play, beating the drums unmercifully and turning me on beyond belief. Her
arms moved, the small feminine muscles popping out with her movements, making
the tattoos on her arms come to life.
I couldn’t do this with Hope.
I couldn’t let myself get into her. She was turning me on more than any woman
had in years. Not since my Blackbird five years earlier. 
Women were a dime a dozen
in my job. Hell, they were waiting just outside the venue ready and willing to
let me fuck them senseless, but I was moving past that bullshit. After
everything I’d been through since we started the tour, I needed relief. But I
didn’t want it from just anyone.
The more I watched Hope
play my drums, her arms flying and her eyes closed in ecstasy—the realization came crashing over me.
I wanted Hope. 
I wanted Hope the way I’d
wanted Blackbird for the last five years.
Watching her only
intensified my craving for her.
I wasn’t sure I could
control myself. I was feeling better, my painkiller finally doing its job, and
my head wasn’t being ripped apart. I could think about more than the pain for
once. I could think about Hope and how amazing she’d feel wrapped around me.
Moving from my spot, I
moved toward her. Her rhythm moved through me, vibrating my core and making me
feel even more alive. I didn’t stop until I was standing right beside her. She
kept her eyes closed; playing with so much beauty
it was breathtaking.
I reached out and took a
strand of her hair between my fingers, and the colors blended together when I
rubbed my fingers together. Her playing came to an instant halt, and I smirked
down at her when her eyes popped open,
and one of her sticks fell to the ground at my feet.
Sweat dotted the top of
her lip, and her cheeks were flushed with pleasure. Her expression was one of
happiness and release, and I knew playing did that for her. It did the same for
me, but I wanted to give her that look. I wanted to do it with my hands and my
mouth … my cock.
I moved closer, taking
her cheeks in my palms and spending a minute looking at her. I didn’t want it
to be like the last time I felt this way. Unlike with my Blackbird, I took the
time to remember everything about Hope.
I wanted to look at her face.
I wanted to look into her eyes and see
her when she came apart. It was going to be amazing. She was going to be
amazing. We were going to be a match sexually. But before anything could go
down between us, we would have to talk about it. I wanted to make sure she
understood it would be a one-time thing.
Before I moved in, I
wanted to be sure that this wouldn’t affect the tour.
“What are you doing?” she
I didn’t miss the catch
in her voice.
“I don’t know.”
And I didn’t. I didn’t
know where this was going or what I was doing. My body was taking control of
the situation, and I was letting it
I wasn’t much for
kissing. I’d probably kissed a handful of women in my time, but Hope’s pouty
lips called to me. She was begging me to kiss her without even opening her
I leaned down, ready to
taste her, but she placed her palm against my chest and stopped me.
“Wait,” she whispered.
I shook my head. “No, I
suck at waiting.”
So I kissed her.
She tasted like the
night—liquor and sweetness with a touch of sin. It was wrong to taste her, but
I’d never been one to follow the rules. All the boundaries I’d set forth in regards to Hope were being
crossed, but when she began to kiss me back, her tongue moving against mine, I
didn’t give a fuck about any limitations.
Her mouth opened, and I sucked her tongue into my mouth. Her
moan vibrated through me and shot straight to my groin.
I felt her pull back, so
I pressed for more, capturing her head in my hands and kissing her so deeply
that I was losing myself.
My head wasn’t pounding
anymore, but my heart was. It was beating so hard I could hear it in my ears.
My blood moved through my body like a freight train, the horns whistling loudly
in my ears. I hadn’t felt this kind of excitement for a woman in years. Not
since my Blackbird.
I couldn’t stop.
I wanted more.




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Hey everyone, my name is K. Margaret and I write paranormal romance. I currently live right outside of Atlanta, Georgia, by way of Northern California and Connecticut. When I’m not writing, I’m working as a title paralegal, hanging out with my teenage daughter, or watching sports. I have a slight (okay, maybe large) obsession with sports. I’m the crazy chick that wakes up to the NFL Network when most people wake up to the morning news.

I started writing poetry as a child, but didn’t really get into writing fiction until I was in my twenties. My best friend and I would sit around and tell stories and one day I decided I needed to put those stories on paper. The voices in my head also demanded it, especially one particular demon. We’ll call her Empusa.


I released my first book, Dare to Dream, last November, which is also the first book in my Dark Dreams Series. Endless Nightmare: The Origin of a Demon was released last month. And Dreams in the Dark, Book Two of the Dark Dreams Series is being released at AAD and I’m so excited to introduce you to new characters and check in on some old ones. My books are filled with demons, witches, shifters, slayers, gods, and more. I love to write strong-headed, sarcastic, kickass females and the men who put up with them.


While I have attended AAD several times as a reader, this year will be my first year attending as an author and I’m so excited! I have so much planned and lots of fun stuff to give away. If you’re sitting at my table for the Debut Dinner, you’ll find out all about my favorite saying, WWED (What Would Empusa Do?). We’ll be going a little demon on that one! For my Fantasy Ball table, the theme is witches, but not just any witch. Dreams in the Dark takes place in Savannah and one of the characters is a witch named Tiffany. She’s a total trip and a half, so I couldn’t think of a more perfect setting to base my theme around her and her shop, The Triple Goddess. Don’t worry though, if you’re not sitting at my tables you’ll be able to find me at other events. I’ll be one of the authors hosting breakfast on Thursday morning, attending the New Release Party, and I’ll be at the Literary Tea (with more fun swag!) Thursday night, you’ll find me down at Smiles, my favorite piano bar. So make sure to stop by, have a drink with me and sing along (just don’t make fun of my horrible singing voice J )

I’ll be getting to Savannah on Monday, so make sure you find me and say hello. The first three people who ask me “What would Empusa do?’ I have a special gift for.

Looking forward to seeing everyone in August!








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Goated by the Gods

Their family cursed by the god Thor long ago, the Maddux brothers are forced to walk the earth as both goats and men. Maddening at first, the family has since learned to use their curse to their advantage and wouldn’t trade it for anything, except for maybe love. Finding someone to accept them - both sides - is proving difficult.

Thor feels guilty that time has slipped away from him in the mortal realm, he never meant for the curse to last as long as it has. In an attempt to make up for it, Thor takes it upon himself to help the brothers find their soulmates, with the help of the trickster god himself, Loki.

A matchmaking service run by Thor and Loki? This should be fun, but when the gods are involved, nothing is ever easy.

Hi I'm Sheri Lyn. I live in Florida with the love of my life, my dog Koda a Corgi/Dwarf Chow mix. I love living here and couldn't imagine living anywhere else.

I just started my journey into the indie book world. I have books in several genres in the works. I'm an avid reader who kept dreaming of a story that wanted to be told and that's where my first book was born.

When I'm not reading or proofing, I'm at the evil day job where my sanity is tested on a daily basis. My sarcastic quips can provide a much needed break until I can return home to Koda and books, my two joys.

I hope you sign up for my newsletter for excerpts, giveaways and fun. Sign up for my newsletter at http://facebook.us11.list-manage1.com/subscribe?u=d14842e0564abbff078763a9d&id=250d0d1bcf

Come visit me on Facebook. I love to meet new readers.

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Hi! My name is Jamie Waters and I just want to thank my super awesome host for inviting me to write this guest blog. "Officially", I write science-fiction and paranormal romance books.
Although, I admit to crossing genre lines frequently so it's sort of difficult to pigeon-hole me. Most of my stories have some aspects of science-fiction, paranormal, romance, action and adventure. I like writing spunky, kick-ass heroines and their equally kick-ass love interests.

I've had a love for science fiction and paranormal for just about… well, my entire life. I grew up with either my nose in a book, playing computer games – or competing in Tae Kwon Do martial arts competitions (nothing like a little diversity in your interests). I consider myself to be one of the first "girl gamers" and was playing RPGs when most people had never even heard of them. I got hooked on a computer game series called Ultima (uh oh, showing my age) and started writing really bad fan fiction as a teenager. From there, writing just became another extension of my creativity.

I still play computer games and love reading. I've never outgrown my love for all things science fiction, paranormal and fantasy (as evidenced by the fairies and dragons all over my house). I also have itchy fingers and can't seem to go too long without drawing, painting, sculpting, or

The book series I'm currently working on is The Two Towers series. It's a dystopian romance set about 150 years in the future in a post-apocalyptic setting. There's all sorts of science fiction, paranormal, romance, and action in the mix. The first book in the series, The Two Towers,
was a winner of the Readers' Favorite Award (Science Fiction Romance), the CIPA EVVY Award (Science Fiction), and received an Honorable Mention in the Global Ebook Awards (Science Fiction). It's currently available as an ebook from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, iTunes, and most other major resellers. It will be available in print in July. In anticipation of the release of the second book, my
publisher is offering The Two Towers ebook for FREE for a limited time beginning on June 23

The second book of the series, Shadow of the Coalition, is scheduled to be released on June 28th. This one is even more action-packed than the first. It features the same characters from the first,
and introduces some new baddies. It's currently available to pre-order at a discounted rate. You can check out the live-action trailer here:

I'm currently working on the third book in the series and I'm hoping to have it ready to be submitted to my publisher by the end of summer. *crossing fingers*

You can get more information about my books (including buy links) from my website at www.jamieawaters.comLinks to all my social media sites are there, as well as updates on my current works-in-progress. I absolutely love to hear from my readers! You guys are the greatest and I'm so excited to meet up with some of you face-to-face at this year's Authors After Dark Convention in Savannah, GA in August (http://authorsafterdark.org/). If you haven't already registered, please do! I really want to meet you guys.

This will be my first convention and it looks like it's going to be packed with awesomeness. In celebration, I even bought a jar of Unicorn Snot (no joke) and I'm going to glitter myself up during the Fantasy Ball on Saturday night. I even have wings! I got so excited about all the events – I changed my itinerary and I'm now coming in a day early so I can do a ghost tour and ride in a hearse, and participate in some of the pre-event happenings. There's going to be a ton of things going on (i.e. HEA lunch, Pirate lunch, inflatable slides, Drive-In movie night, fantasy ball, author panels and
readings, corset room, tattoos, free swag, giveaways, etc.). It's just a great way to get to know each other without the formality of sitting behind a table and signing books. But yes – there's a book signing too! If you can make it,

I'd love to see you guys there! Come play with me!

Wednesday, June 22, 2016


Hi I'm Sheri Lyn. I live in Florida with the
love of my life, my dog Koda a Corgi/Dwarf Chow mix. I love living here and
couldn't imagine living anywhere else.

I started my journey into the indie book world in January of this year. I write
M/M stories and have F/F in the wings.

AAD is one of my favorite con’s to attend, the parties, the people and the atmosphere make it so much fun. This will be my first year as an author and I jumped in with both feet. I have a table at the Debut dinner (with 1 seat open still) and a table at the Fantasy Ball, my theme is Valhalla (Norse gods, mythology, Valkyries that type of thing). I also be found at the Wickedly Twisted Antho Party, and I’ll be sharing an hour with Cassidy K. O’Connor in the Q and A room where we will be playing games and giving out prizes.

I’ll be arriving Tuesday, so come find me and say hello. Wed afternoon I’ll be in the tattoo room getting my phoenix added too, Wed afternoon before welcome event I’ll be in the hotel restaurant for drinks and appetizers with readers and Thursday night will find me heading out on a Ghost tour.

Also can find me at the LGBT Panel and on the Mystery panel and generally walking around having fun. Don’t be shy come say hi, I always have swag with me to give away randomly :D


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Hi, my name is Julie Morgan and today I’m on the blog post! I’m happy to meet you. Allow me to introduce myself. I write in a few different genres; paranormal romance, contemporary and military romance, gothic romance and sci-fi fantasy.

Recently, a new series under my name was published called the Special Ops series. This four book series follows the lives of four military men, starting with Logan Saunders in Delta Force. His story is out now! Next, is Sniper and it is releasing in August during an event I’ll be attending (more on that later!). Book three is Ranger, and four Seal.

I’m also releasing a new sci-fi fantasy story titled Dragon Master in August. Co-written with award winning author, Marianne Morea, we take two people from our current world and pull them through a time vortex into another dimension where magic and shifters are alive. What happens when two hearts and two worlds collide? Well, you’ll need to read to find out! This will also release during the same event I’ll be attending in August. 

So this event I’m talking about in August. I’ll be traveling to Savannah, GA for Authors After Dark. During this convention, Sniper and Dragon Master will both be released! Two different genres, two different stories, two different tales of love, sex, and power. I cannot wait for everyone to get their hands on both stories! If you’re in the Savannah or surrounding areas, please come join us! Tickets are on sale now and I hope to see you there! http://authorsafterdark.org/

In November, I’ll be headed to Tampa for Beach Babe Book Blast. This one day mass signing will take place on November 12th. If you’re in the Tampa or surrounding areas, I hope to see you there! https://www.eventbrite.com/e/beach-babes-book-blast-2016-tickets-24548561408 

I’d love to hear from you. Take a look at my website and you’ll see everything I have in print and talks about what’s coming soon.www.juliemorganbooks.com Whether it is paranormal or military romance, I have something for almost everyone. I look forward to hearing from you soon and hope to see you at Authors After Dark or Beach Babe Book Blast!


My name is Shawnee Small and I'm an urban fantasy author who also dabbles in the gothic. I'm currently working on my new adult urban fantasy series, The Shining Ones. The first two books, Watcher and Protector, are out in paperback and e-book and can be found on Amazon, iTunes, Barnes & Noble, and Kobo. At the time of writing this, Watcher (Book One) is free to download from Amazon if you want to check me out. I've also got a whole host of short stories that you can have a gander at on http://www.shawneesmall.com and they're free to read, too. Last, but not least, I'm right in the middle of writing Betrayer, the third book in The Shining Ones series, and it should be out winter 2016. Fingers crossed.

So, shameless author plug aside, what else can I tell you that might be interesting? I'm a bit of a "jack of all trades" - I've been a games producer, a 3D cake artist, a book binder, a reflexologist, an HTMLer, and even a life guard. I spent most of my adult life living abroad in England, and accidentally brought home a British husband. I was also a goth for more than two decades, and have a predilection for black although my wardrobe seems to be all gray these days. I have a degree in English Literature and have been writing stories forever, but didn't settle down into novels until quite recently. Now books are my life and I love every minute of it!

Which brings me to Authors After Dark or AAD . . .

If you've been before then you know what I'm talking about when I say it's going to be absolutely bonkers in a way that is so amazing that you'll be having AAD withdrawal within 24 hours of getting home. Serious withdrawal. Lunches, dinners, drive-in movies, a ball, private author events, book panels, mayhem, drinking, chaos, all-nighters, and somewhere in there, a book signing. There is so much going on that I can't even begin to list it all here. Honestly, I can't even keep up with all the things being added daily, and I'm a participating author.

Still unsure if you want come? DO IT. Really. DO IT NOW. You won't be sorry. Not only will you have the time of your life, but you'll also meet readers and bloggers who are just like you and love the same things that you love. You'll get to hang out with some of the most amazing and generous authors out there. You'll make new friends; perhaps even see some old ones. Trust me when I say that it's WORTH IT.

If you've already signed up and you're like, "I already get all the awesome, you don't need to tell me twice!" then I can't wait to either meet you or see you again. I'm going to be pretty much everywhere, but if you want to hang with me personally, you can sign up for a ticket to my drive-in movie (my ball and debut tables are already sold out) or come see me at the Trampoline park, Welcome Party, book panels, signing, or anywhere in between. I'm hosting a 'My Little Pony' party and you can enter to win one of the 10 exclusive invites, but you gotta enter in the next week, time's a tickin'. Also be on the lookout for my multi-author ice cream social happening on Tuesday before AAD begins. See? So. Much. Stuff.

Grab my books, come to AAD, and let's hang out. We'll have a blast. I promise.



Hidday Ho.

I’m Author Christine Alvarez. What I tell everyone is I write books, but I guess being a featured Author at AAD ya’ll know that by now.

So, let’s get down to it. For those who have never read me I write Paranormal Romance with a pit stop in the land of Mystery, Erotic Horror (pain, pleasure and blood), and last but surely not least M/M Erotic Romance.

I am a genre hopper which means you all may see a few new genres added to the mix by the end of the year. It sates the voices in my head which never seem to agree on who, what where or when they want to be.

I’ve also been described to write assholes. Is that okay to say? Anywho, for some reason every man I write tends to be a jerk almost 100%.  Unless it’s my PNR’s those books have some nice guys. That genre seems to be where my nice guys crop up in. Oh, oh and before I forget and start going on
about where I will be at AAD, please ask me anything whenever you see me during AAD. Certain people talk, say things like I kill people, mention bloody or dismemberment. Not lies, but the descriptions sound way worse when told by others, lol.

Okay, let’s get down to the meat of this thing. AAD. I’ll bethere with my books, swag and cute self to boot. I’ll be pretty much everywhere. Let’s see, lord where is my 2nd brain when I need her. I

have ADD and zero planning skills so I shoot my itinerary to my assistant and pray she brings a cattle prod with her.

I get in Wednesday with the husbutt. If anyone doesn’t know him he’ll be the one avoiding us all like the plague, lol. But, you can tease him and watch him squirm during set up times. Since, he shall be my minion, muahahahaha. Okay, I’m off track, back to business.

I will be roaming the Welcome Event for sure. Nothing sponsored, but find me. I’ll be sure to have a little something for you to remember me by.

Thursday, I have a panel. Not sure the time but make sure you find a chair at the LGBT panel. I have three books that delve into the land of sexual freedom.

Then to quickly, because this intro to me is becoming LONNNGGG, tell you where else to find me. The tattoo room. I have a 3hr session with Voodoo and food and or witty banter from 12-3 on Thursday is always accepted.

I’ve also decided to partake in the New Release Event. I will have TWO new releases, but will be featuring the final book in The Elektita Series for this particular event. I will also be making an appearance at the Diesel Punk cruise in costume.

Friday is when all hell breaks loose for me. I have breakfast with a handful of amazing authors at 830 a.m. That is freaking early, but I swear you don’t want to miss it. Goodies, raffles, and me in my Cheshire cat pajamas sitting on peoples lap. Unless you tell me no, I’m good at respecting
boundaries. Then we have the HEA lunch, I have a few seats left so grab you one. Then Literary Tea at 3. Their will more than likely be goodies and shenanigans.

Then, the Saturday signing. I have a table full, I mean no space for shit, table full of swag. Along with special treats that come with BOOKS. The entire reason we are doing this event. Readers and Books. After the signing find me, we’ll do lunch, maybe get a drink or two. I also have a
Signature drink that will be available at all meals where a cash bar is set up.

Then, we’re off to the Fantasy Ball, my table is full, BUT, when people start to mingle make sure to track me down. I have made up so golden drink tickets and may just have a few left.

So, I guess we’ve come to the end of my story. Long as it  appears, but I am so stoked for this event and well, I’ve been up since 4 a.m. writing this thing. Happy Reading. I must be off, I have a book to finish.

Peace, Love and Acceptance. xoxoxo



Hi, Mychal Daniels here, best-selling author or the Olodian Alien Warrior Romance series. As you can tell from that title, I’m a SciFi, Fantasy, and Paranormal Romance writer. Funny how romance alone has the power to exist in any and every possible version of story that we could tell.

First, I’d like to say “Thank you!!” to my host for allowing me to share a bit about what I’m up to in this wild world of romance writing. Let me also take a minute and thank YOU for being such a treasure in my journey as an author. I’m always on the lookout for avid Romance Readers to connect with. Why? Because I’m one myself!

One of the things I love most about being a romance writer is the opportunity to share my love for great stories in all formats. With SciFi Romance, I get to share great what-ifs that take love beyond the stars and leave all of us wondering about the possibilities of other worlds existing and love still transcending. Not only that, but let’s be real… I get the opportunity to pop a lot of virgin cherries via hot aliens. Hello. Am I the only one that thinks that’s insanely hot? Oops, did I just say that? I sure did.

My love for writing SciFi Romance goes a little deeper than that though. It’s about showcasing a sub-genre that most of us might never really think about when we pick up our next romance read, but boy are we missing out. I get a huge rush from receiving a note, review or comment from a reader who says how much she or he (yes, it happens) enjoyed reading SciFi Romance for the first time. It’s like discovering some great new world and prying it open one word at a time.

More and more readers are coming over to this corner of the romance world to go beyond the norm. Many say they didn’t think they would understand or find the romance believable and enjoyable in a SciFi setting. They're pleasantly surprised that it's not difficult to follow or even fall in love with. Romance transcends, and as lovers of romance reading, we can almost put ourselves in any place or particular situation and fall in love with the romance elements. You’d be surprised how much Sci-Fi Romance is when you give it a try! The best part? The possibilities are endless… If you can dream it, it can happen in the world of fiction and SciFi opens us up to dig deep into the well of creativity.

As a storyteller, who is also an avid reader, it’s my job to make sure the story and reader experience are deeply satisfying, that the romance blossoms and is the biggest component of the story. I do this by keeping a good balance between action, romance and world building.

When I consider a story for the discerning SciFi Romance readers, there has to be a believable world in which to put the story in, one that you could close your eyes and see. The characters need to fit beautifully into the world and be casted properly to convince you (the reader) that those beings have always been there. It’s like you’re visiting their home where they’re comfortable and have vested their lives.

The action is an important element of the story because we need heart-racing moments and trial and tribulation to better understand these fantastical characters. We do that through action… seeing them sitting still will tell you nothing, right? Give them a trial and we’ll get to understand them in their decision making to overcome.

Sure, there are many tropes in this genre and all of them rely heavily on these components, but without action, the story stalls and becomes boring. Without a believable world, it becomes just another romance that could happen anywhere. And without awesomely fantastic fantasy elements—well, it falls flat.

So how about this… you’re cordially invited to come and take a ride on the SciFi side of romance, to explore what can happen when there’s love beyond the stars. We only live once, right? Don’t miss out because of old misconceptions.

Check out my current series, starting with Rescued By Tordin, book one of the Olodian Alien Warrior Romance Series. Then join me and a lot of other authors as we show crazy love to readers everywhere. We’ll be hanging out both online and in person at the Authors After Dark (AAD) 2016 event in Savannah, GA Aug. 3rd-7th.

You can find out more about AAD 2016 here: http://authorsafterdark.org/

I’d like to personally invite you to check out some of the great authors who will be attending. There are almost 150 authors from a wide selection of fiction genres who will be attending this great event.

To kick off a grand introduction to what you can expect, please join us online, on Facebook here: https://facebook.com/events/1779864355592811/

This live online event will be June 25th from 10am - 10pm. Join us for lots of great information, fun and of course, great giveaways from over 20 authors, who will also be live at the AAD event in Savannah.


For more about me, Mychal Daniels, please take a few minutes to check me out here:

Website: http://MychalDaniels.com

Newsletter: http://MychalDaniels.com/newsletter

Facebook: https://Facebook.com/MychalDanielsAuthor

Twitter: http://Twitter.com/MychalDaniels

Instagram: http://Instagram.com/MychalDaniels

Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/Mychal-Daniels/e/B0159B6HKG/

Thanks and see you in the stars!

Mychal Daniels


Monday, June 20, 2016


Jo Vanz is a new and great author. She is a wife and mother of 3 wonderful kids. She also has the sweetest puppy,Myst. Her hobbies include painting, jewlery making, and of course reading. She is a very laid back person. Her fandoms include shadow hunters, Harry Potter, firefly, and greys anatomy. Her first book released Dec. 15th, 2015. Dragon in the Rough is new favorite of everyone who reads it. Jo will attending Authors After Dark in August. There she will be participating in a lot of different events. She will be hosting a table at both the debut dinner and the fantasy ball. She will also be joining a small group of other authors to host Literary Tea. What could be better than book talk and amazing tea? Jo will also be releasing book two, Dragons Crown, will be released at AAD. 

Though Jo is only doing a few events, she can not wait to enjoy everything else going on at AAD. Everything from inflatable slides to talking to new and old readers.