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BLURBSexy Twin Brothers.  One owns her heart, the other makes her burn.  Would it be RUDE to keep them both?

Liam walked into my world and turned it upside
down with his lickable abs, bedroom eyes, and alpha male persona.  He was sin personified and I wanted him to
damn my soul.  Everything about him drew
me in, daring me to step outside my comfort zone and forget all the rules I'd
made to keep my heart safe.  He was rude,
vulgar, and promised everything a good girl dreams about doing with a bad boy.
As if his temptation wasn't enough, his twin
brother was thrown into the mix.  Luke
was Liam's polar opposite in every way, except for his panty-melting
looks.  Charming, respectful, and a man
you wouldn't mind taking home to meet the parents. There couldn't be a more
perfect man.  Put the two of them
together and it was a combination no woman couldn't resist. 
I've never considered myself a prude, even
though I was holding out for marriage.
How could I walk away from a night that fantasies were made of?  Liam told me that great sex was never
boring.  It was dirty, passionate and a little rude. All I had to do was say yes.  Two sexy twin brothers promising one hot
night of unadulterated sex.

“Hello beautiful.  I wasn’t sure what you liked so I made a
smorgasbord of things.”  Luke’s voice was
warm an inviting and I couldn’t help but compare it with Liam’s seductive
gravel filled tone.  I found it
flattering that he’d went through so much trouble.
“I’m not picky.”  I managed a smile even though my lips were
trembling. “It smells delicious.”
“Wish we could say the same.  Luke and I are very particular in our
tastes.  Wouldn’t you agree
brother?”  The fact that he was looking
me over blatantly again made me wonder if were talking about food.
“Very picky.
In fact I’d say our tastes are very singular.  Why don’t we eat before we discuss that?”
Again, Liam’s smile was charming but still I felt I was missing something very
Food was the last thing on my mind as I took in
the beauty of the two men before me.  For
the most part they were identical, but there were some tale-tell signs that set
them apart.  Like the inflection in their
voices, or the way Liam was more guttural while Luke seemed more refined.  Small differences but very easily noticeable
if you were paying attention.
Liam set plates of food out on the breakfast
bar, so I assumed we were eating casually.
I was glad we weren’t being formal but when he held out the chair
sitting me in the middle I noticed how close we’d be sitting together.  Maybe a long table separating us was a good
idea.  Once we’d all taken our seat, I
felt the heat radiating off them.  It was
instant arousal and my body wasn’t used to feeling that way. They both piled
food onto my plate from each side, and I wasn’t sure I could eat a bite of it. 
Stuffed mushrooms, broiled lobster, steamed
shrimp, cheese scones, and asparagus.  My
plate was growing fuller by the moment and I held my hand up with a small
laugh.  “Um, guys?  That’s more than I normally eat in a
week.  At least my nervousness dissipated
a little with their antics.
“Are you kidding?  This is a light dinner for us.”  Liam picked up my fork and speared an
asparagus stalk, holding it close to my mouth.
It felt strange to be fed, but what the heck.  I took a small bite of the succulent greenery
and sighed.  It was cooked to perfection
and flavored just right.  Having him
watch me chew was a little disconcerting but I let him continue feeding me
until the stalk was gone.  I nearly
fainted when he wiped my lips clean with his finger.
“My turn.” I turned toward Luke and a fork full
of lobster waited and I had to admit there was something very erotic about
allowing a man to take care of you this way.
The sensual dinner continued until I knew that
if I took another bite I wouldn’t be able to walk.  Then I got to watch in pleasure as they
consumed their food with a gusto that astonished me.  Both of them were so fit that I couldn’t
imagine them eating so much but I guess all that muscle had to have some
“Thank you for dinner.  It was delicious.”  Speaking softly I felt their eyes on me
before I raised my gaze to meet one then the other. 
“Our pleasure.”
Luke had a pained expression on his face and I was confused.  He’d seemed fine during dinner, but now I was
afraid something he’d eaten disagreed with him.
“Excuse me for a moment.”
“Is he okay?” I watched him walk away before
turning toward Liam.
“He’s got a bad case of blue balls if I had to
guess, sweetheart.  Watching you eat has
to be one of the sexiest things I’ve ever seen.”  Liam wet his lips with his tongue and the
action was so sensual I felt it in my abdomen.
Luke wanted me!  The thought that
either of these men were remotely interested was flattering.  I had no idea what to say.


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Michelle Hughes live in Alabama with her
husband Jarrod, and they have five children.
She was a singer/songwriter for twelve years and after hosting a
televised talent showcase on the road decided to entertain in written word to
raise a family.  Currently Michelle has
fifteen books published and many have been international bestsellers. 
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