Saturday, May 30, 2015

In the mood for romance? The love story is ready to begin … Affairs of the Heart Series

Step into a modern, fairytale, and get lost in love, betrayal, and revenge, where your “VIP all-access pass,” takes you behind the scenes, to sex, drugs, and rock n roll, with the most gorgeous men and women in rock music. 

A lonely woman… 

1989 Paralegal, Holly Hill, spends her days in the shadow of a powerful criminal attorney she is engaged to and doesn't love. She wins a contest and a trip to London, England, where she believes she can think things through and set a wedding date. 

A charming man... 

Instead, fate steps in and Holly meets worldly English gentleman, Luka Hunter, a rock music executive. His job is demanding, babysitting spoilt rock stars …and he has a dark secret too. 

Two different worlds. Can they find love? 

Luka’s devoted attention is overwhelming, sweeping Holly off her feet and causes her to wonder if she is falling in love? 

Will Holly take a chance on Luka and follow her heart? 


My Review:

I am jumping to the end of the story really quick because I can not get the last chapter out of my head! It was amazing and the chemistry between two characters just jumped off the page! Days later and I have reread this chapter 3 times! Amazing and Hot and just mindblowing!!

Okay from the beginning lol.

Holly at times was both the aggressor and the shy debutante, it was an interesting combo and written well.

Luka... I just dont know about him lol. He seems genuine and then other times not so much. I think I am as confused as Holly was lol.

Kaine... Well we dont know much, but I am completely intrigued!

Anyways Plot! Read the blurb.. I am not recapping for you lol.

I found the innocent Holly matched with the music exec player an interesting combo, the storyline was steamy, melt your ereader steamy and TENSION.. whew tension galore!

The story moved at a great pace and never lagged at all. The characters are fascinating. I really need to know more, about all of them Kaine, Luka, the rest of the band... I just need more lol.

I am impressed with Kew Townsend and look forward to reading more of her work.

This book will be release July 1st...

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