Monday, November 3, 2014

Bloggers! Some information for you about us!

We want to start off by thanking you for joining us! We look forward to working with you! 

 We never do simple. Our tour forms are always written to resemble the book somehow. If its erotic well you get naughty messages, if its a thriller you get scary/stalkerish questions etc.  We are all about fun and sarcasm. WIP is run by 4 women who happen to be family members.  We are all very sarcastic and love if you play along with us on the forms, HAVE FUN!

We aren't your typical tour company, we are not going to EVER email you and yell that your post is missing. We will remind you but life happens and we know sometimes other things come in between you and the blog.  You are important to us so if for some reason you have a problem and sign up for a tour but have to back out, no worries! We do not limit the number of signups on our tours because the more the merrier and it helps if some bloggers are unavailable or have an emergency.  We all know Wordpress is violating blogs left and right and blogger is iffy on working lol. 

We include HTML for every tour!

Soooo, yeah thats us in a nutshell lol.

Our goal is to never spam you or overwhelm you. If you find we have scheduled you for more than one tour on the same day. Just let us know and we will move you. Its never a problem!  We know we cant do our job without each of you and we really appreciate you!

All tours will be posted on our FB page in the pinned post at all times so feel free to go through and sign up where you would like to.  

New Bloggers who want to join us:

By request we have created an auto signup.

We really look forward to working with you!

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